Providing Foundation for reliable Healthcare Software, iGration is the headquarters for all SafeQual employees located in India.

Our services and expertise increase the reliability of the software that the SafeQual US-based team invented for the improvement of quality and reduction of risk in healthcare.


A strong foundation of experts is needed for complex software to emerge from a development cycle and armor up for the rigors of daily use. Since our founding July 6, 2001, iGRATION has provided that foundation for our parent company in America.

With our assistance, they have been successful at achieving a reputation for reasonably priced, reliable, and innovative software solutions. That in turn, has enabled healthcare clinicians deliver safer patient care in a growing number of hospitals.

Patient harm and secondary infections are the third leading cause of death in the US after heart disease and cancer. Join iGRATION in delivering software that enables healthcare teams to more effectively meet their quality goals, and our vision to achieve zero patient harm worldwide.


For job inquiries, please contact us through the information in our job posting or employee that referred you.

For client support, please reach us through our US phone number.

For deliveries or other contact, please visit us at this location or leave us a message by phone or email.